Requesting a Review

Thank you for considering submitting your book to us.


We are happy to consider your book for discussion. Depending on the number of requests we receive we cannot guarantee we will be able to accept your book.

We will do our best to respond to your request as quickly as possible but please allow 1-2 weeks for reply.


Please follow these steps for your submissions:


  • Email us at with the following information
  • Place “Review/Discussion request” in the subject line
  • Your contact information
  • Title of book & descriptions
  • Cover art you’d like us to include (Please note that by submitting your artwork you are giving us permission include it in our discussion)
  • If your book is already published please provide link(s) to online retailers
  • Format you’d like to submit i.e. e-book, paperback etc. (Please note that we will need three copies in the format that you submit)
  • If you’d like to provide/include a copy of your book for a giveaway please let us know and what format you’d like to provide.

We always express our honest opinions in our discussions and will never bash a book or author. We strive to support authors and their work(s). We will NEVER pirate your work.


Please note: All books that we discuss have either been individually purchased by us or have been given to us by the author or publisher for an honest discussion.